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Ongoing work

  • Jerbi, K., Pichat, C., Perrone-Bertolotti, M., Vidal, J.R., Ossandon, T., Mincic, A., Kahane, P., Baciu, M., Lachaux, J-P (2013). Depth electrode recordings unravel the neuronal underpinnings of long-distance correlations within the default-mode network.

  • Ciumas C., Perrone-Bertolotti M., Panchuelo R., Vidal JR, Francis S., Ossandon T., Ryvlin P., Kahane P., Brookes M, Lachaux JP, Jerbi K. BOLD versus Broadband Gamma modulations during visual search : Evidence for higher sensitivity of fMRI at 7T to transient electrophysiological responses.

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